About me

Well you all know cooking isn’t rocket science !! But I strongly believe that in a way it is… Not in its complexity but the way everything needs to be done step by step for that mouth watering dish. Cooking isn’t just a hobby to me but that passion that keeps me going…Well, what’s Life Without Passion!

As far as I can remember my first cooking experiment began when I was twelve , watching and jotting down the recipes with my Mom as well as trying them. Mom as I call her Amma played a major role in explaining all the flavours and instilling the basics of cooking. I still remember my first cake, that golden brown crust and that heavenly aroma that makes you feel on the top of the world. I was pretty much excited for the first cook book my Pappa brought .My Pappa always encouraged that it was okay to pursue many interests along with studies. I was a foodie at heart and at hand too…
Being part of a large South Indian joint family cooking played a pivotal role in the family upbringing. Be it a special family gathering or a small chit chat it was celebrated with food. Traditional South Indian food ruled the menu among various cuisines but with changing times there were influences of modern cooking too.
Life sciences/ Medicine is and always remains my first love. This drove me to pursue my career as a dentist. Been brought up to be fairly ambitious at studies made me loose my passion towards cooking. Obviously there was no time shuttling between college, health camps and clinics.
Life changed after I got married and I found time during weekends to cook and experiment. Then came an ardent lover of my food (and of course me too) my Husband who is a foodie himself. His taste buds are hard to impress but easy to charm at the same time. He makes everything possible in all possible ways and pushes me to go that extra mile…Later things got busy with the hectic schedules at the hospital and cooking lost it’s way again. This time for a very long time. It was just for occasions and family visits where I cooked my special recipes. I knew somewhere deep in my heart its all there waiting to just come

It was like a long pause and then the passion found its way back into my life. I found time to do the only thing I love most…COOK!!. It came with my two bundles of joy – my sons Pragnay and Rudraunsh .Being a Mom to an energetic eight year old and naughty 20 month old is not easy but this time there were no excuses….
So here I am where I was longing to be trying to balance being a Mom, Home Chef and a Dentist… I am here to share my joy of cooking, my recipes and celebrate life. I present you my home made soul food…
Cook, Share, Celebrate life……