How To Be A Morning Person

It’s tough to follow but easier to say – “Be A Morning Person, It’s A Good Start For Your Day”. I am not at all a morning person but used to be one though. Don’t ask me what happened on the way. With a record of waking up at 4:30 AM everyday for five years to catch the morning commute to the college , I thought I was acing in the morning beginners section. But twelve years later I am struggling to wake up at a decent 6 :00 AM. (Well two kids and a bunch of jobs later you crave for that extraaaaa hour of sleep though. )

Why wake early? Yes, why wake early is a striking question I had in my mind before my journey to be a morning person started. Yes I literally wrote down what I could do and what can’t I do if I woke early. Guess which section was empty rather deserted. Yes, it was a total revelation sort of thing. ‘What Could I Do ‘ section had a lot of good worthy things such as sipping your coffee in calm before the morning madness began, sorting things for the day and many more. ‘What Can’t I Do’ had only one thing i.e. sleep that extra hour.

What next was the toughest part actually! The waking up part! I decided not to do the alarm thing. Yes, there were two reasons for that actually. One was not to wake the baby and two was I didn’t like something pushing me to wake rather forcing me to wake. I took a risk by not doing the alarm thing but it was worth it.

How did I do it? I began by taking small baby steps which helped me a lot in the long way. I started with waking 15 minutes ahead and slowly accustomed to it. That for me was the trick part. The cherry on the top was me having some alone time before all woke up and the day began.

Here are a few hacks which worked for me and hope they might be of use to you too –

  1. Keep Smaller Goals – Don’t wake up suddenly hours earlier and struggle to maintain that time. You might not keep going. Start small and slow. Wake few minutes earlier and keep on increasing till you are comfortable. Try to maintain even if you are not able to increase the time.
  2. Keep An Agenda – Plan to sip coffee/tea in your favourite corner or watch the sunrise or squeeze in a jog or meditate or listen to your favourite song. Nothing big but make it worthy. Plan to start your day your way.
  3. No Gadgets Before Bed – Yes, finish off browsing or all the other things with your phone even before you hit the bed. It gives you a sense of calm and regulates peace in your mind.
  4. Stop rewinding all your problems – This is a big NO! Whatever leftover works or things are bothering you , please don’t let them get to you. It’s tough to follow but letting go can help you sleep better.
  5. It’s okay if you didn’t wake – Yes, please don’t be hard on yourself. Give yourself a chance again till you succeed. Repeat and try again. Life’s all about your own pace.

Well, that’s how it worked for me. There are days where I cannot wake the time I want but that’s life. We try and try and keep going on no matter what.


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