The Pandemic…

Never ever such a random thought popped in my brain that such a day would come. I might be a renowned hardcore fan of apocalypse movies but I am not a fan of what is happening around.

I lost more than I thought. I didn’t say goodbye. People lost what they cannot imagine losing. People didn’t get goodbyes. Not even a last glimpse of their loved ones.

There were things left unsaid. Thoughts left hanging. Dreams shattered. Hopes drowned. Lives taken away.

It’s been months but I never got closure. People near and far didn’t get closure. I think we might never get. Some say time heals everything. I don’t think that’s true. Time might heal the physical wounds but not the wounds of the soul. It only gets harder as time passes by. Every second without them is a raging fire inside the soul reminding us of their absence.

Oh what times are we living in? Where we cannot grieve heartfully with our loved ones about losing our loved ones. It’s a torment for those who stayed because every second they are living is a reminder of what they lost.

Lost… .

Mom’s marigolds


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