Dum Aloo


Potatoes are one of the most favoured vegetables. They can be mashed, roasted, tried as chips, fries, curries and what not. The most versatile vegetable it is.

But when you feel it is too frequently used as nothing , but a saviour vegetable when you have nothing else to do.Try this variant which is so lip smacking. This homemade DUM ALOO just goes with anything and makes you a winner whenever you cook.

Serve with plain rice or do magic with a flavored basmati. If not you can even enjoy with the traditional Indian bread (Naan/Roti).

There can be no more traditional yet royal Indian dish ever !!



8 – Baby Potatoes
3tbsp – Curd-
3 – Medium Onion ( Coarsely ground along with green chilly)
3 – Medium tomatoes (grind into thick paste)
5 – Curry leaves
1tbsp – Shajeera
2 – elaichi
1inch stick – Dalchini
3tbsp – Oil
1tbsp – Ghee
3 tbsp – Red Chilly Powder
10 – Cashew nuts (Grind into paste along with dry red chilly)
2 – Dry Red Chilly
1 tbsp – Turmeric Powder
2 tbsp – Coriander powder
1 tbsp – Jeera Powder
4 – Garlic (Pounded)
2 Cups – Water


Wash and boil the potatoes after adding a pinch of salt for 10 minutes ( Till just done)
Take a bowl mix the curd with pinch of salt , coriander powder, Jeera powder, 1tbsp red chilly powder into a fine paste
Peel the potatoes and poke holes with fork. Now marinate these potatoes in the above curd mixture. Leave it for half an hour (You can start the rest of cooking meanwhile)
Take a kadai/Fry pan. Add the ghee and oil.Fry the pounded garlic till you get a good aroma.
Add the curry leaves . Now add the shahjeera,elaichi and dalchini. Cook them on low flame for 2 min. ( Take care not to burn the spices)
Add the onion green chilly paste and cook for 5 Min
Add the salt and turmeric powder. Later add the ginger garlic paste and cook for 5 min on medium flame.
Now add the tomato paste and cook for 10 Min with lid on the low flame.
Add the marinated potatoes along with the marination. Coat the potatoes well.
Now add 2 Cups of water. Cook with lid closed for 15 Min in low flame
Now add the cashew and dry red chilly paste and cook on medium flame till its done
Adjust the salt according to taste and garnish with green coriander.
Serve hot.


• If you desire a gravy consistency remove the curry off heat a bit earlier. Similarly if you want a well done fry curry let it cook a bit longer but take care not to burn by mixing it well.
• If you don’t have baby potatoes use normal potatoes and dice them into cubes
• You can add kasuri methi for extra flavor.





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  1. mistimaan says:

    Nice recipe

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  2. chefkreso says:

    Looks really delicious, thanks for the recipe!

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