Citrus Punch



Summer is loads of fun filled with things big and small!!(despite the scorching sun).Summer always tagged upon fond memories in the past.Be it a break from the school to go on a long vacation or loads of mangoes to relish or play our local IPL cricket among the cousins or our very own swimming races in the pool.Childhood summer was never the same every year.They just got better every year.
Summer also brought those special cool treats.My momma always surprised us every evening with her own charm in those milk shakes and juices,The recipes were simple but the taste so great,I guess they tasted so great because we waited what’s in the menu today.So it sort of became a tradition to me to make summer exciting just the childhood way with fruit punch,milkshakes and frozen desserts.I guess its okay to be a child sometimes
So here is my very own homemade Citrus Punch that chills you this summer.Have it anytime but make sure it is chilled….I guess that’s all you need;Just CHILL your way through the summer..
4 parts – Mosambi juice
3 parts – Lemon juice
2 parts – Orange juice
1 part – chilled water
2 tbsp – Peach and Apricot Crush(ready to use)
3 tbsp – Honey


Mix all ingredients one by one and serve it chilled.
You can omit the peach and apricot crush altogether.
Freshly squeezed juices taste great.

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